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Finding the best auto repair shop is kind of like looking for the perfect car in the first place. Does the car look, feel and drive the way you want? Does it have all the bells and whistles you are looking for? Does it make you want to keep driving? Is it affordable? See the similarities here?

Finding the perfect auto repair shop is easy to do as well – if you know the right questions to ask and where to look.


Is the auto repair shop that you are looking for convenient for you? Is it close to your home, work or school? What about the hours that they are open? What days of the week are they open? Can you schedule a repair in advance if you want to? Can you drop by if you need to? These questions will help you find out how really convenient the auto repair shop that you are looking for is.


How long has the auto repair shop that you are considering been in business? Does the owner actively work in the business? Do they have a long list of satisfied customers? Do they have testimonials from current and prior customers?


Are the people that work there nice? Are they easy to talk to and allow you to ask questions? Do you feel welcome there?

Technical Expertise

How experienced are the technicians that work on the vehicles there? How long have they been working on cars? Do they have any certifications that show them to be more qualified?


Do you feel that you are getting a good value for your money? Are the services reasonably priced? Do they give you a free estimate before any work is performed? If you were in an accident, do they offer to complete any of the insurance paperwork for you?

These are just a few of the categories of questions that you can and should ask while trying to find the ultimate auto repair shop. With a little investigation, you’ll be able to find the perfect shop that fits your needs.

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