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Your brakes are in important part of your car. They ensure that your car stops. There’s nothing more nerve racking than the brake light coming on while you’re driving in Coralville Iowa. That’s a totally understandable reaction, because the last thing you want is a problem with your brakes. Here are the steps to take when your brake light comes on 

1. Make sure there’s nothing going on with your parking brake. Try releasing it, because your brake light will come and stay on if it’s engaged.

2. Find the closest safe place and pull over if the parking brake doesn’t fix it. You may have a more serious problem like low brake fluid. 

3. Turn off your car and look at the owner’s manual to find out more information on the location of the master brake cylinder and your vehicles brake fluid Requirements.

4. Pop the hood of your car and remove the on the master cylinder. Take a look and inspect the brake fluid levels. 

5. Fill the reservoir with breakthrough with it until it gets to the fill line. Put the cap back on and tighten it completely.

6. Turn your car back on and check your dashboard to see if the brake light is still on. The problem should hopefully be resolved.

7. Get your car to a trusted mechanic as soon as you can to take a look at your brakes. You may have a leak or other serious problem that could hinder your brakes.

ABS Light

1. If your ABS light keeps going on and off there might be a temporary malfunction. You should have full braking power if this is the case so don’t worry. If this starts happening frequently you should take your vehicle to a mechanic to check it out,

2. When the ABS light comes on and stays on there’s potentially a serious problem going on. Your anti-lock braking system probably won’t be working so you won’t be at full braking capacity. You won’t have your ABS during wet and slippery conditions or in any emergency situation. Get to a mechanic as soon as possible to have them take a look at the brakes and find out what’s going on.

3. If the ABS and brake light come on at the same time there’s a very serious problem going on. Your vehicle isn’t safe to drive under these conditions. Call for help right away.