Keys to Routine Vehicle Maintenance

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Keys to Routine Vehicle Maintenance Your car is probably an important part of your life. It Get you to work, takes you on a road trips, and gets the kids to soccer practice.  Maintaining your vehicle is essential in order to keep it running well. If you don’t maintain it, you may end up having… Read more »

Bad Spark Plug Symptoms to Look For!

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For automobile amateurs and non-specialists, spark plugs are like radio waves: we know they’re there, that they’re important, and they do some paramount job, but have no idea what they look like, what it looks like when one goes bad, or what to do if they don’t work as we expect them to. In other… Read more »

Tips For Checking Tire Pressure

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Got a flat? Checking the pressure on your tires—and getting them filled—are one of the simplest fixes that can be done. Indeed, doing both is one of the first things you learn about a vehicle and with the widespread availability of tire pressure gauges attached to the pump, you should be able to do this… Read more »