The frame is the most important part of the car. The frame has an important job. The purpose of the frame is to protect the passengers in the car in case of collision. When you are in a crash, either at low speeds or high speeds, the frame is what takes the bulk of the stress and strain of the impact. This makes the frame, bend, crumple, or ripple. It’s what it was intended to do. However, the frame also holds many of the vehicle components. It’s where most things are hinged on, bolted on or attached to.

When you are in any type of collision, the frame is impacted. Sometimes this impact is obvious. Much like a crumpled can is obvious. However, sometimes there are small twists or issues that the untrained eye can’t see. We also have additional equipment that allows us to use pinpoint accuracy in order to determine how to fix your frame. A frame can’t be straightened by hand, you need to have special equipment in order to fix it. That’s where we come in.

In addition to fixing your frame, we can also complete:

  • Front end alignments. This will keep you driving straight down the road.
  • Dynamic wheel balancing. Our techniques can balance your wheels to be more perfect than ever.
  • Wheel and axle housing replacement
  • Frame and utilized straightening
  • Chassis rebuilding. When your existing chassis needs a little extra love, we can rebuild it to be stronger than ever.
  • Drivetrain diagnostics.
  • Rust repair. Do you have rust on your frame or chassis? We can help get rid of that rust to protect your vehicle for years to come.
  • Frame welding.
  • Axle bearing replacement.

At Greer Motor Frame & Axle, we specialize in frame and axle repairs. Our experienced technicians have worked on thousands on cars and know just what to do to get your repair completed in a timely manner with high quality workmanship. Your frame is the backbone of your car, truck or SUV. You don’t want to leave that or your family’s safety to chance.

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