Simple Ways to Diagnose Auto AC Problems

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Summer is here! And with summer comes the heat, heat that will get into your vehicle wherever it is parked and turn it into an oven. Just when you think that the heat can’t get any worse, you jump into your car, turn the AC on, and your body is met with luke-warm air that… Read more »

Bad Spark Plug Symptoms to Look For!

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For automobile amateurs and non-specialists, spark plugs are like radio waves: we know they’re there, that they’re important, and they do some paramount job, but have no idea what they look like, what it looks like when one goes bad, or what to do if they don’t work as we expect them to. In other… Read more »

Tips For Checking Tire Pressure

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Got a flat? Checking the pressure on your tires—and getting them filled—are one of the simplest fixes that can be done. Indeed, doing both is one of the first things you learn about a vehicle and with the widespread availability of tire pressure gauges attached to the pump, you should be able to do this… Read more »

6 Factors That Affect Your Vehicle’s Alignment Longevity

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Driving your car straight through those road construction cones can be a lot easier when your alignment is perfect. Getting an alignment is easy, in fact, even if you’ve gotten one done recently, there are some things that you can do to keep your alignment working for you even longer. We all know that alignments… Read more »

Never Mess With DIY AC Repair And Here’s The Reasons Why

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There’s nothing more annoying that when your air conditioning goes out in your vehicle. After all, it never seems to stop working in the winter. And even if it did, you probably wouldn’t notice since you don’t use the air conditioner then. So you need AC repair and you know a little bit about cars…. Read more »

How To Tell Your AC Needs Repaired

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The summer is almost here! It’s a wonderful fun time! There’s so many outside activities available to do in the warm weather. It’s time to take that long road trip. Get in the car and see where life takes you. There’s only one thing that can get in the way. Your air conditioner. A road… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Finding The Best Auto Repair Shop

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Finding the best auto repair shop is kind of like looking for the perfect car in the first place. Does the car look, feel and drive the way you want? Does it have all the bells and whistles you are looking for? Does it make you want to keep driving? Is it affordable? See the… Read more »

How Often Does My Car Need A Tune-Up?

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Routine vehicle maintenance can be a pain. But it’s more important than ever to get the works done on your vehicle that you need in a timely manner. Having routine maintenance like oil changes, fluid changes, etc., is important. But how often does your vehicle need a tune-up? It can depend a little on the… Read more »