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Driving your car straight through those road construction cones can be a lot easier when your alignment is perfect. Getting an alignment is easy, in fact, even if you’ve gotten one done recently, there are some things that you can do to keep your alignment working for you even longer. We all know that alignments will help us driver better so follow these simple tips to keep your perfect alignment longer than ever before.

#1 Keep weight out of your trunk

Are you driving around with extra boxes, sand bags or other things you don’t really need? That extra weight can take its toll. Your alignment is based on your tire angles which are closely related to the height of your chassis. This means that when you are weighed down in the back, you are changing the angles of the chassis and tires.

#2 Keep that tire pressure correct

Don’t forget to check your tire pressure. When your tires are filled to optimal pressure, they will help keep your alignment.

#3 Avoid potholes

Potholes and big bumps can jar things out of place. Take bumpy roads slowly or don’t take them at all.

#4 Say goodbye to NASCAR driving

You’ll need to be a much more conservative driver to keep your alignment in check. Sudden stops and braking take their toll on the steering and suspension.

#5 Don’t drive by feel

Even a soft knock to the curb can make your alignment nudge a bit out of place. Avoid crashing into things is typically good advice as well. The impact from small bumps can have a cumulative effect on your alignment.

#6 Miles driven

If you are driving more miles per year or per month than average then you might want to consider getting your alignment done more often. Some small impacts, like bumps, will happen more frequently and your alignment may change so gradually that you don’t even notice. Having a proper alignment is important for how your tires wear as well so you’ll want to make sure you get this maintenance item checked regularly.

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